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How does Anavar make you feel?

Anavar, also known as oxandrolone, is an oral anabolic steroid that was first developed in 1964. Anavar is one of the most popular steroids among bodybuilders and athletes because it is known to produce significant gains in strength and muscle mass without causing many of the side effects associated with other steroids.

One of the most appealing aspects of Anavar is that it does not aromatize, which means that it does not convert into estrogen. This is significant because estrogenic side effects such as bloating, water retention, and gynecomastia are often a major concern for athletes and bodybuilders who use steroids.

Another benefit of Anavar is that it is relatively mild on the liver. Although all oral steroids are hepatotoxic to some degree, Anavar is considered to be one of the gentler options.

So how does Anavar make you feel?

Generally speaking, users report feeling stronger and more energetic when using Anavar. Additionally, many users report increased pumps and vascularity while working out. Some users also report experiencing improved recovery times and decreased joint pain.

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Is it better to take Anavar in the morning or evening?

It is generally recommended that Anavar be taken in the morning, as this is when levels of the hormone are at their highest. However, some people may find that taking the drug in the evening helps to promote better sleep and recovery. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to experiment with different dosing times to see what works best for them.

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